Remuera residents now victim of flawed law

NZ Herald 14 Oct 2011
One of Auckland’s most upmarket suburbs is a sex industry hot-spot. Auckland Council has received 23 complaints about brothels located at 12 different Remuera properties in the last two years. The revelation follows the eviction of tenants from one house in the area last month which was believed to have been operating as an unlicensed brothel. The landlord had thought he had rented the property to a young family. Now another suspected brothel in the area has got neighbours up in arms.
An Ascot Avenue resident, who declined to be named, believes a brothel has been operating on her street for about four months. “It’s bringing in unsavoury characters at all hours and it’s just not pleasant at all.” She says residents were alerted to the situation by an anonymous handwritten letter left in the letterboxes of two neighbours. The resident says the number of men visiting the property has increased and she suspects more than four women work there.


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