Childcare kids spit the dummy

Herald Sun 29 Nov 2011
Childcare kids have more temper tantrums and a worse dose of the “terrible twos” than other children, new Australian research shows. A study of more than 5000 toddlers has found behavioural problems equivalent to an 11-month developmental delay in children aged two and three who are in childcare for more than 20 hours a week. Behavioural problems include frustration, moodiness, screaming and the inability to play consistently with one toy.

On the flipside, day-care kids were also found to be more sociable and outgoing with strangers. The negative impact of care is particularly felt in children with richer parents with higher levels of education. But these problems were not present in children in centres that had higher numbers of carers to children, according to the Australian National University study, to be published next month in the Economics of Education Review journal.