Common sense still exists

Parents must act like adults with bullies, say experts
NZ Herald 1 Dec 2011
Bullying cannot be tolerated, and the anger of a bullied child’s parent is understandable – but adults still need to act like adults, say most experts on family-support issues. Parents Inc chief executive Bruce Pilbrow said schools should lead with a zero-tolerance policy against bullying, including helping children become resilient. Parents also needed to be available so their children could come to them with concerns. “Violence just sort of feeds the whole thing, but seeing that I haven’t had my child come home with a black eye, it’s hard,” Mr Pilbrow said. “No one wants to see their child hurt, but you still have to be the adult in the situation.”

…Family First national director Bob McCoskrie said parents, in exceptional circumstances, should take control. “If my child came home, having beaten another child black and blue, and then been smart towards the mother of that child and ended up with a slapped face, I would be saying, ‘You got what you deserved’. “I would then be marching them down to apologise to the victim and the mother,” Mr McCoskrie said.