Child abuse – What’s missing?

ANSWER: 1. Marriage
and in most cases 2. Biological fathers

(Info from police releases and media reports)

1. 6 month old Cezar Taylor Mangere East July 29 2010, The partner of the child’s mother (not father), James Allan Hemana, 30, also known as James Sylva, has been charged with assaulting the baby.  

2. 3 year old Seini Unaloto Ikamunu North Shore died 6 Dec 2010. Seini Unaloto IKAMANU received a severe head injury at her Beach haven home on 24 March 2010. She died in Starship Hospital yesterday 6 December 2010. A 28 year old man was charged with murder.  

3. Christchurch Newborn Dec 8 2010. A 27-year-old woman (mother) has been charged with the murder of a newborn baby after an incident in Christchurch overnight. The woman appeared in the Christchurch District Court this morning and was remanded in custody for psychiatric assessment, say police.

4. 5 year old Sahara Jayde Baker-Koro Hawkes Bay 21 Dec 2010. Kerry Ratana (not the father) 24, has appeared in court charged with the rape and murder of Sahara.

5. 5 month old Mikara Ranui Jarius Reti, Flaxmere 11 January 2011. 21-year-old man (not father) has been charged with manslaughter in relation to Mikara’s death.  Trent Owen Ngaruhe Hapuku is accused of the manslaughter of Mikara Ranui Jarius Reti on January 11.

6. 6 month old Serenity Jay Scott-Dinnington. Ngaruawahia 29 April 2011. Mother’s boyfriend charged with murder

7.  1 week old Baby Afoa Otahuhu June 2, 2011. The baby’s mother, Kulukora Akau’ola, 22, from Otahuhu is facing a charge of murder. Christian Afoa, 29, from Mangere, was charged with disposing of the body to conceal its birth.

8. Auckland Newborn Ardmore July 18, 2011. The 21-year-old south Auckland woman pleaded guilty in September to one charge of disposing of the dead body of a child

9. One year old Terepo Taura-Griffiths (Popo). Otahuhu 6 Nov 2011. Suffered serious injuries, died. CYF had dealt with the family in the past. 32-year-old woman charged

10. 2 year old James Joseph Ruhe Lawrence Orakei November 14 2011. Police have revealed that a toddler died after suffering severe damage to his internal organs at an Auckland house. JJ lived at the Takitimu St house with his mother, Josephine Takutai Crystal Lawrence, 26, her partner and another couple with two infants. Police charged a 29-year-old Mangere man, a former Orakei resident, with JJ’s murder.

11. Two-month-old Hinekawa Topia 12 January 2012 Nobody charged yet.


3 comments for “Child abuse – What’s missing?

  1. David Hardy
    1 February 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Bob I absolutely agree and there many well researched studies supporting this. Unfortunately many of these studies have been suppressed by the money driven and politically powerful feminism movement for their own ends. We can continue bundle all ‘Men” into a pile and blame this one gender as the sole perpetrators of all violent and abuse or we can take a realistic and educated view as to why our domestic violent and child abuse figures are rocketing out of control. Here is one (of many) links summarizing some of the update studies done one this subject. and here is a link to a study on Parent–Daughter Transmission of the Androgen Receptor Gene as an Explanation of the Effect of Father Absence on Age of Menarche….the goes on there are many more.

  2. David Hardy
    1 February 2012 at 1:07 pm

    these studies are very lengthy to show as t reply here…but here is and extract from the second link above… Based on an evolutionary theory of socialization, Belsky and colleagues proposed that girls exposed to a stressful environment, especially when due to father absence in the first 7 years of life, showed an early onset of puberty, precocious sexuality, and unstable relationships as adults. The authors of this article examined an alternative explanation that a variant X–linked androgen receptor (AR) gene, predisposing the father to behaviors that include family abandonment, may be passed to their daughters causing early puberty, precocious sexuality, and behavior problems. The results of a study of 121 White males and 164 White females showed a significant association of the short alleles of the GGC repeat polymorphism of the AR gene with a range of measures of aggression and impulsivity, increased number of sexual partners, sexual compulsivity, and lifetime number of sex partners in males; and paternal divorce, father absence, and early age of menarche in females. These findings support a genetic explanation of the Belsky psychosocial evolutionary hypothesis regarding the association of fathers’ absence and parental stress with early age of onset of menarche and early sexual activity in their daughters. A genetic explanation of the father absence effect is proposed in which fathers carrying the AR alleles are more likely to abandon a marriage (father absence) and pass those alleles to their daughters in whom they produce an earlier age of menarche and behavioral problems.

  3. David Hardy
    1 February 2012 at 1:19 pm

    From the above study it is very clear that the absence of the Biological Father in a girls first 7 years of a girls life can causes social, psychological and physical changes in girls that can make them easy targets to sexual abuse from paedophiles.

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