Children in care of grandparents missing out

ONE News 31 Jauary 2012
Around 10,000 children are missing out on state financial assistance because they are under their grandparent’s care, says the founder of a trust for grandparents raising their grandchildren. TV ONE’s Close Up last night spoke to pensioners Roger and Teresa Van Kuylenburg who took on the job of raising six of their grandchildren five years ago after the children’s mother was deemed unfit to care for them. The Van Kuylenburgs receive between $162 and $195 per child, per week but the children are not entitled to other benefits they would get if they’d stayed on CYF books or gone into foster care. The children miss out on weekly pocket money of up to $14.20, birthday and Christmas allowances of up to $97.98, and an annual clothing allowance of up to $1645.44 as well as help with school, sports and health costs. Diane Vivian, founder of the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust, told TV ONE’s Breakfast this morning there are nearly 5000 members on the trust’s database.


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  1. Helen Johnstone
    1 February 2012 at 12:06 am

    Yes, but if you add up that $165 – $195 per week you come up with a very healthy annual sum ($8580 – $10140 per child) which the grandparents recieve on top of their pension. (What child needs $14 weekly pocket money anyway??) Multiply that by 6 children & they are recieving between $51,480 – $60,840. That is an amount that many workers would be happy to have as their annual income. Plus whatever the amount for the governement superannuation is if they are over 65 or the income they earn from working on top of that. I would be happy to be given that amount of money by the government even if I was caring for 6 grandchildren.

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