The secrets to a happy marriage

Telegraph (UK) 27 January 2012
Research among 2,000 happily married couples has identified the main ingredients for a successful union. It shows that couples benefit from taking a short break away together twice a year and eating out in restaurants at least three times a month. And it pays to be affectionate, as wedded folk tend to share a lingering kiss six times a week, have sex twice a week and say “I love you” up to nine times a fortnight. But it doesn’t need to be sweetness and light the whole time – as the average happy couple has at least one healthy argument a week. Catherine Crone, spokeswoman for walking holiday specialist, said: “The research indicates that marriage is all about give and take, and making time for one another.


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  1. Hilary
    1 February 2012 at 1:15 am

    We’ve been married for 31 years and almost never eat in restaurants. There are lots of people for whom it’s too expensive – I would trade eating in restaurants for going for a walk on the beach or in a park to look at the flowers, or having a cheap picnic, any day. I think it’s more about finding out what you can do together that you both enjoy than it being specifically eating in restaurants that keeps marriages together. The other ideas are all good, although people shouldn’t think of having time away together as having to be an expensive thing either – if it that were the case, a lot of marriages are doomed.

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