Parents warned of violence in teen flick The Hunger Games

Herald Sun (Aust) 27 March 2012
Principals are preparing to alert parents about violent themes in The Hunger Games as the film adaptation takes Australian cinemas by storm.┬áConcerns have been raised about young children exposed to the dark teen hit, which is based on televised fights to the death. The screen version of Suzanne Collins’ teen novel took $9 million in its first four days, eclipsing the first of the cult Twilight franchise. The post-apocalyptic thriller is M-rated – not recommended for people under 15 – but principals say students as young as 12 are avid readers of the books. Berwick Lodge Primary principal Henry Grossek will warn parents this week that it may not be appropriate for primary students. “It’s a film you want to be careful about taking your kids to,” he said. “I find the key premise repugnant: children killing each other as sport for voyeuristic adults in power. I’m not going to lecture parents, but I strongly advise them to talk with their children about it.” The Victorian Principals Association will alert principals that issues could arise.


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