2011 NZ’er of the Year on discipline

People gathered last week to mourn the loss of 64-year-old scientist Sir Paul Callaghan who was named the 2011 New Zealander of the Year. In his final interview, he made some interesting comments regarding discipline

Is there anything you would do differently?
I would have been a better person during my life, behaved better. Particularly when I was young. But we only get one chance, don’t we. I was a naughty, exuberant, outspoken, troublesome teenager. I got in my fair share of trouble, but I got away with things. The number of times a kindly local policeman said to me `Paul, you do that you’re going to end up in real trouble. I’m letting you off this time but you go throwing stones on the roof of the public toilets in Hill St again …’ That was one of my crimes. I was probably caned more than most kids at school. And deserved it.

Sir Paul didn’t turn out a dysfunctional aggressive deadbeat – as opponents of discipline would have us believe, did he!

As the journalist says – ‘Sir Paul was proud of NZ, and NZ was proud of him.’