‘Sluttish pop stars are harming children’: Leading record producer

Mail Online (UK) 20 May 2012
Legendary songwriter Mike Stock has launched an astonishing attack on the sexualised image of risqué female pop stars like Lady Gaga. Mr Stock, who was one third of the hugely successful 80s songwriting trio Stock, Aitken and Waterman, branded today’s stars ‘sluttish’. He followed that up by claiming modern U.S. performers resort to sexually-charged pop videos because they don’t have much ‘of a sell’. Speaking to The Independent on Sunday, Mr Stock, 60, said: ‘It’s easy: if you haven’t got much of a sell – stick some sex in the video and the job’s done. ‘It’s both easy and lazy. And probably shows a lack of ability to do something else. ‘Adele doesn’t have to resort to the sexual thing, she’s there because of the songs. It’s largely the Americans, to be honest – the new breed of rap and Lady Gaga types. ‘They’re all just… sluttish. And young girls think they are someone worth emulating.


2 comments for “‘Sluttish pop stars are harming children’: Leading record producer

  1. mark campbell
    22 May 2012 at 10:08 pm

    I agree It’s somewhat more prevalent but let’s not forget the stars of our youth who steamed up our screens and record covers. The pinnacle would be recently passed away disco queen donna summer. (and later convert) slease was prevalent in lots of pop music from the 70s from lyrical content to visual image. Lady gagas not that extreme when compared to donna, aimée Stewart or Madonna. Even Olivia nj steamed us up with let’s get physical. American hip hop I would say has taken the exploitation of woman ti new heights both lyrically and image.
    Not saying issue not important but need to acknowledge long trend rather than isolating pop culture of today.

  2. Bob
    22 May 2012 at 10:42 pm

    Yes – agree

    Although the ‘visual’ in the music videos has reached all-time lows

    They are no longer ‘suggestive’. they’re leaving nothing to the imagination

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