Parents blamed for children’s potty mouths

Bay of Plenty Times 19 June 2012
It’s enough to make parents blush and wash mouths out with soap. But many have no one to blame but themselves. Nearly 60 per cent of children swear and 42 per cent pick up bad language by age three, a Daily Telegraph poll in Australia has revealed. And by kindergarten, more than 90 per cent of children have said a rude word. Despite the overwhelming majority of parents – 78.4 per cent – actively discourage swearing. Tauranga Region Kindergartens principal Peter Monteith said listening to what adults had to say was how children learned. “So if they hear a lot of swearing they’re going to do it because it’s normalised. You don’t deal with it by out-lawing it. You deal with it by teaching them how to speak appropriately.”… On the Bay of Plenty Times Facebook page, many parents blamed radio commentators for normalising swearing. Others said their children picked swearing up from their peers.


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  1. David Favel
    19 June 2012 at 10:26 pm

    To be fair, 1 parent was admonished here recently for her child saying “bottom”.
    Possibly some words are falling into such common usage that they cannot anymore be classified as “potty language”
    Exactly the same as older folk asking for white meat or dark meat. No shame anymore in asking for a breast fillet

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