“Traditional family type people” not wanted

From the Sunday Star Times

The Families Commission has been told to slash the number of commissioners, consider closing its Auckland office, cut overheads and focus on a limited number of research projects. Critics say the moves will undermine its role as an advocate for families, and its independence. Labour MP and former chief families commissioner Rajen Prasad (left) said the changes would see the commission focus on research to back up government policy, rather than advocate for families in a way that could challenge the impact of policies, such as the upcoming welfare review. Prasad pointed to the influence of conservative commissioners Bruce Pilbrow and Christine Rankin. “It’s an attempt by those pro-traditional family type people to limit the influence of this commission.” 

Dr Prasad forgets that the Families Commission has never been seen as independent from the government – and this was confirmed when he was given an absolute gift list position in the Labour party of number 12. Prasad’s attack on ‘conservative’ commissioners who are ‘pro-traditional family type people’ is ample proof that the Families Commission was never going to be relevant under his leadership. Apparently, if you believe in the traditional mum, dad and kids, you are disqualified from the Families Commission! Incredible. Have things changed? The jury is still out.


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  1. Altus
    14 December 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Dr Prasad must be threatened by the presence of Bruce Pilbrow and Christine Rankin and it seems he has adopted the policy of “if you can’t beat them, rubbish them so they can be go away”. There are other forums that you can try to influence to get your anti-family policies across. It is now clearer than ever why the Families Commission was not effective under your leadership Dr Prasad. There are a lot of us hoping that something meaningful will come out of it in the very near future. Let’s hope!

  2. Liberator
    15 December 2010 at 4:21 pm

    Dr Prasad, anti-traditional family type, you are not wanted!

  3. Patrick Deady
    15 December 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Let me enlighten you Doctor. I have two grand daughters. NONE of their friends come from two parent families. Their friends told me that they would love to have a Mother AND a Father. They also told me that they would like strong boundaries set for them and that if no boundaries were set, they weren’t loved enough. So Doctor, their words not mine. Things have really deteriorated since I was a parent.
    Tell me then Doctor…who the hell do you advocate for? It’s obviously not the children I’ve listened to. How about you stand down or fall on your sword. I could take your place.
    You and your ilk certainly wouldn’t like the path I’d take you down.
    It would be FOR the children, Doctor. The CHILDREN.

  4. Dominic Baron
    15 December 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Why do we need a “Families Commission” at all?

    Abolish it at once!

  5. steve
    15 December 2010 at 8:13 pm

    The Families Commission is an absolute disgrace.It was set up to advocate to Government on behalf of Families.Instead it has become a tool of Govt to berate Families.For example with the anti-smacking law instead of supporting the families of NZ in opposing that undemocratic and unnecessary law the Families Commission supported it.Even when the people of NZ voted overwhelmingly to reject that law in a referendum,the families commission still failed to speak up on behalf of NZ families. GET RID OF THE FAMILIES COMMISSION it’s a waste of time and money

  6. RJ Haakma
    16 December 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Sure it’s a disgrace. Peter Dunne was conned by Labour when they set it up for their own purposes, to further their own agenda. However we shouldn’t get rid of it. The families Commission simply needs to be given a direction by Govt, and Govt needs to be given direction by us. It may require ordinary Kiwis to be more vocal. We can’t just sit back and say “you’re doing a great job Bob.” We actually need to let the Govt know, in any way we can, that the traditional family is the model that New Zealander’s prefer. I believe that this Govt knows this but needs more pressure to act. So far they have done little.

  7. Victor
    20 December 2010 at 5:52 pm

    The long and short of it is the UN’s world agenda is one that does not recognize the tradition or God given family e.g. Man, Women and Children.
    Under the UN’s agenda the world is being forced to change the way we view families, and the way we view homosexual or lesbian couples with children. Apparently this is now normal according to the UN, and following the UN’s mandate numerous countries around the world have now removed reference to marriage and replaced it with partnership or civil union.
    This tactic of the UN is one that will destroy the family and with it the fabric of society as we know it. With the traditional family gone so are our rights to discipline our children according to how God expects us to, hence the UN’s anti smacking agenda has also been implemented by countries that adhere to the UN guidelines. If you believe we have any chance of reversing this trend or more specifically the agenda of the UN / NWO, then all I can say is good luck. The UN bows to now one and if you understand Scripture you will understand the part the UN is playing is removing the family, our rights as parents and normalizing the things that God says are wrong.

    I applaud Familyfirst for their stance and will support them where I can but I believe that the UN’s agenda will not be changed because the role they are fulfilling according to Scripture / prophecy is very important from the perspective that these changes will force the world into a us and them situation. Those that obey the commandments as handed down to Moses, and those that adhere to the doctrines of the Father of all lies that reject God’s laws and follow the ways of this world.

    Christianity has played its part by totally misunderstanding Scripture and hence promotes a lawless Jesus paving the way for a world blind to Truth that follow the doctrines of men. This is something quite easily provable.


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