Internet porn is making teenage relationships more violent 5 July 2012
Teenage relationships are becoming increasing violent due to the prevalence of internet pornography, the country’s top prosecutor has warned. Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, said: ‘I have been concerned about the exposure of young people to all sorts of material. The emerging research tends to support that there is a lot of abuse within teenage relationships.’ The Crown Prosecution Service is now reviewing whether action needs to be taken about the surge in domestic violence cases between teenagers. Last year, Mr Starmer warned in a speech that ‘we are clearly at risk of a whole new generation of domestic violence’ in teenage relationships. Describing the trend as ‘pernicious’ and ‘serious’, Mr Starmer said research had ‘shown that exploitation and violence in teenage relationships are more common than previously thought’.  The DPP had pointed to figures that showed teenage girls aged 16 to 19 were at the highest risk of sexual assault, stalking  and domestic abuse. Women aged 20 to 24 were only slightly less at risk. Violence against 13 to 15 year olds within relationships was as likely to occur as attacks on youths aged over 16 – and those from poor backgrounds were twice as likely to be abused by violent teenage partners.