Commission of Inquiry into Abuse No Longer An Option

Media Release 22 Dec 2010
Family First NZ is repeating its call for a Commission of Inquiry into the unacceptable levels of child abuse in NZ and says that it is no longer an option. 

“The 80% plus of NZ’ers who oppose the anti-smacking law were simply kiwis who are exasperated with the fact that politicians, government organisations and supposed family welfare groups are more interested in targeting good parents so that they feel they are doing something about the problem rather than tackling the tougher issues of family breakdown and dysfunction, huge drug and alcohol abuse issues, violence in our media, poverty and stress, and mental illness,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. 

“The Inquiry also needs to include a look at the effect of welfare, the diminishing rates of marriage and the role of family structure, and the urgent need for an independent CYF Complaints Authority.” 

“Since the passing of the anti-smacking law, there has been a continual stream of child abuse cases, the rate of child abuse deaths has continued at the same rate as before, and resources have been diverted to chasing parents who use a smack rather than targeting rotten parents with clear evidence of abuse.”

“Over the past 30 years we have allowed a succession of policies to diminish the importance of family structure and marriage. We have watched as politicians have given adults the right to silence, bail and parole while the rights of children to be safe have been ignored. We have allowed children to be raised in homes with an unacceptable level of drug abuse, family dysfunction and physical and emotional harm. And we’ve allowed the media to fill our minds with increasing levels of sexual and violent images in the name of entertainment and freedom of speech.” 

“The plethora of so-called ‘experts’ simply aren’t solving the problem. The fact that the family of the West Auckland 9-year-old had been involved with CYF, a family support agency, a registered ACC counsellor, a court-appointed psychologist, the child’s court-appointed lawyer and a child and youth mental health service is ample proof that the ‘bottom of the cliff’ approach is not working and is not the key – we must look at the root causes of child abuse. Why is it happening in the first place?” 

Family First is repeating its call for a Commission of Inquiry into child abuse – 

“These latest cases are yet another wake-up call that children will never be safe until we are honest enough as a country to identify and tackle the real causes of child abuse. An independent Inquiry free of political correctness and agendas would be an important first step,” says Mr McCoskrie.


3 comments for “Commission of Inquiry into Abuse No Longer An Option

  1. Beth Evans
    17 January 2011 at 9:48 pm

    The first thought that came to me when I read about this poor little girl was, where were the people around her, her teacher/s, wider family etc. and CYF, where were they? How could they get it so wrong?
    I seriously expect there to be an extensive
    investigation into this case and people to be accountable.

  2. Lorriane Cummins
    18 January 2011 at 1:50 am

    This case is the Henderson parents. The CYFS office dealing with this case has spent too much time with inexperienced social workers harassing my family even after I was charged, went to Court and discharged without conviction. I was furious that a child had suffered so much in my area while CYFS Waitakere office would not attend to her, monitor her parents and leave my family alone. I have complained to the Minister about this office and asked for an investigation and after this case became public, Paula Bennett finally got the message. How many other children are at risk while members of their staff pursue innocent people just because they have a voice and use it against them?

  3. Helene F
    18 January 2011 at 1:17 pm

    I was totally disgusted to read about the leniency of the judge regarding the $2000 fine for the 21 year old who had sex with the 12 year old. What kind of message does that send to those wackoos out there who are contemplating these vicious, wicked acts?
    I fully agree with the need to have a commission of inquiry into the protection of the most vulnerable in our society being children and all of the wider government agencies who are supposed to be providing care for them.
    That guy should have been jailed, I’m sure they’d have had their own ‘jail’ justice for him to rethink his position.

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