Good readers make better students

TheĀ Herald SunĀ 26 July 2012
Children whose parents regularly read to them when they are young are likely to perform better in NAPLAN, a landmark study says. The Australian Institute of Family Studies surveyed thousands of children and found that solid foundations for reading at the ages of four and five was linked to higher literacy scores. Mini-bookworms who were read to often, surrounded by books at home and visited the library, were the best off, researchers Killian Mullan and Galina Daraganova found. While the study dealt with children aged four and up, experts say parents can start on the path to developing literacy skills from birth. The research used data from a longitudinal study of nearly 5000 children, using time-diaries when they were aged 4-5 and then 10-11.


1 comment for “Good readers make better students

  1. David Favel
    24 July 2012 at 3:15 am

    I found the best way, now, to get kids into reading is ebooks.
    I bought my nephews ereaders and books I thought they would enjoy.
    They went crazy and it cost me heaps in ebooks, but they are reading now.

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