Parents – get the computer out of the bedroom!

Another warning for parents regarding Facebook and unmonitored use.

Facebook warning for parents
Herald Sun December 23, 2010
Police have warned parents not to be pressured into letting their young children set up social networking sites. Children are lying about their age, or persuading siblings and parents to skirt Facebook’s policy that users must be aged 13. Det-Sgt Rod Mills, of Victoria’s sex crimes squad, said parents should not be pressured into setting up profiles for their young children on social networking sites. Predators were using sites such as Facebook to randomly befriend children and offer them gifts such as tickets to events and phone credit, in a bid to groom them. “Some parents are being coerced into setting up Facebook pages for their children, because everyone else is on it,” he said. “But children haven’t got the maturity to understand they could be deceived or manipulated to do things they don’t want to do.