Family Movies Rule!

Toy Story 3 made 21 times more money than all four R-rated nominees for Best Picture combined at the Golden Globes last night. In the top 17 movies of 2010, not one was rated R.

Basically, Family Movies RULE!


1 comment for “Family Movies Rule!

  1. David Favel
    24 January 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Well yes, and no. Toy Story was entertaining but was it well acted?
    Out of the top 17 U.S. domestic movies, there are 9 movies I would be careful about kids attending.
    The majority of those were classified PG 13 (M in N.Z.)
    That is what the ratings are for.
    Use them as a guide of content.
    By the way, It is illegal to show a child an R rated movie in N.Z. either at home or at the movies.

    And what liberal adgenda is Hollywood pushing anyway?
    A story about lesbians? There are quite a few of them, do they not deserve their stories told?

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