Why didn’t Stuff.co.nz report the Oz vote on marriage?

Here’s Stuff’s list of Australian stories from the past week. What significant Australian story is missing??

Asylum seekers flown home
Eighteen asylum seekers have been sent home after refusing to be transferred to Australia’s offshore processing centre on Nauru.
Trial over Holocaust survivor rape
A Sydney man accused of raping an elderly Holocaust survivor 20 years ago will face trial, despite the death of the alleged victim last year.
Indigenous recognition shelved
Lack of support sees federal government shelve a referendum to constitutionally acknowledge indigenous Australians.
 KFC appeals salmonella payout
KFC appeals A$8m damages awarded to girl brain damaged from salmonella poisoning. 
Muslims receiving hate mail
Muslim organisations receive hundreds of messages of hate from a small “racist” segment of the Australian population. 
NSW explores uranium mining
Uranium exploration in NSW is one step closer to reality, with the government calling for expressions of interest in licences. 
Muslim protestors tear gassed
Police use tear gas in Sydney against protestors of the US film portraying the prophet Mohammad as a womaniser and paedophile. 
Camels culled
Some 100,000 feral camels have been culled from the Australian outback.
Asylum seekers arrive on Nauru
The first asylum seekers to be processed on Nauru in four years have arrived and are settling into tent accommodation on the Pacific island.
Koala sparks police callout
A large koala sparked an early-morning ”police incident” in Adelaide. 
Punch ‘never happened’
Tony Abbott has denied that he punched a wall next to a female university political rival in 1977. 
Girls mutilated, Aussie police allege
Four people have been charged in Australia over the alleged genital mutilation of two girls.
Abbott denies punch
Another witness has come forward to contradict Australian opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s denial that he intimidated a student rival by punching a wall next to her head during their students days. 
Guns seized in Melbourne terror raids
Melbourne police terror raids have entered their second day, with authorities searching a house in the eastern suburb of Ormond.
Condolence for corgi condemned
A condolence motion for the Queen’s corgi Monty by NSW parliamentarians has been condemned as a waste of time and taxpayers’ money.
MP key to super trawler decision
The federal government’s chances of fast-tracking legislation to ban a controversial super trawler have been dealt a blow by key independent Tony Windsor. 
Nauru faces legal challenge
Human rights advocate Julian Burnside says there is potential for a legal challenge to reopening asylum seeker processing on Nauru. 
Teens gang raped young mum 
Two teens who took part in the gang rape of a young mother as her two children slept nearby were jailed for three years.
Manhunt ends in arrest
A Melbourne man has been arrested after allegedly kidnapping his 13-month-old daughter and pregnant girlfriend and shooting her parents. 
Tobacco advert riles health minister
Australian health minister condemns the latest cigarette company advertising – “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” – as the ultimate sick joke.

Interesting. Despite a resounding defeat to supporters of same-sex marriage in Australia this week, and the boost it has given to NZ’s efforts to oppose Louisa Wall’s bill, Stuff.co.nz DIDN’T REPORT IT.

Which begs the question. Why not?

In fact, while we’re examining Stuff’s record on this issue, let’s look at what they HAVE reported – and are they supportive of same-sex marriage

‘Gay Lifestyle Hazardous To Health’ | Stuff.co.nzSep 6, 2012 … Australia prime minister Julia Gillard has withdrawn from speaking at the … boss Jim Wallace that smoking is healthier than same-sex marriage.
Hundreds march for marriage equality
| Stuff.co.nzAug 11, 2012 … Almost eight years to the day after Australian law was rewritten to exclude same- sex marriage, about 300 rainbow-coloured, banner-carrying …

Gay Marriages Could Boost New Zealand’s Tourism… | Stuff.co.nzAug 5, 2012 … Australian Marriage Equality deputy national convener Sharon Dane said New Zealand would become the destination of choice for gay …
Anti-gay marriage professor quits equal opportunity| Stuff.co.nzMay 16, 2012 … An Australian equal opportunity board member who sparked a furore over his public position opposing same-sex marriage has quit his post.
Bob Katter | Australian Party leader under fire… | Stuff.co.nzMar 13, 2012 … One of Australia’s richest men has joined the chorus of voices condemning the leader of the Australian Party for an anti-gay marriage …
Gay Couples To Dine With Australian PM Julia Gillard… | Stuff.co.nzFeb 19, 2012 … The dinner was won by GetUp and Australian Marriage Equality in a … She is confident Australia will legalise gay marriage in coming years, ..

Six stories – ALL positive towards same-sex marriage, yet they ignore the most significant one. Is this the independent media just reporting certain facts?? 🙂

I’m happy to be proven wrong, but unfortunately, I think I’m right.