Children of divorce – and suicide

Children from broken homes more likely to have ‘suicidal thoughts’
Daily Mail (UK) 19th January 2011

Children from broken homes are more likely to be plagued by suicidal thoughts in later life than those with a more stable past, research shows. The study of thousands of adults also found that boys are more profoundly affected by seeing their parents’ marriage crumble than girls. The Canadian researchers questioned 6,647 men and women, including almost 700 who had been under the age of 18 when their parents divorced. This revealed the men from broken homes to be three times as likely to have thought seriously about suicide as those whose parents had stayed together. The link was strongest in men who had witnessed the effects of unemployment, violence and drug addiction as they grew up. But even those without such a troubled past were twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives, if their parents had divorced. Women whose childhood were marred by divorce were on average almost twice as likely to have considered taking their own lives, the journal Psychiatry Research reports.


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  1. Christine
    24 February 2011 at 1:18 pm

    Maybe if single mothers were supported by social welfare so that they could stay home and provide a stable environment for their children, and were encouraged to see this as an important role in society, instead of contributing to the almighty dollar and forced to go to work outside the home, children of these parents would not have suicidal thoughts. Single mothers can provide a stable home life if they can be at home to create it! I can’t stand the thought of mums of any children being forced outside to work. No energy left to be kind and fun with children, and to train them as they should be trained.

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