Marriage vote – National confusion, or just voting with the boss?

We’ve done an analysis of the National party vote on the recent Marriage Amendment Bill.

We have compared their vote on this bill with earlier votes on Civil Unions, and the Marriage (Gender Clarification) Amendment Bill from 2005 by United Future’s Gordon Copeland which attempted to clearly define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

The table below shows that 8 National MP’s voted against civil unions, for the definition of marriage to stay as one man and one woman, but then for gay marriage. A further 10 National MP’s voted for the definition of marriage to stay as one man and one woman, but then for gay marriage. So are they voting with their conscience or with their boss?

Other points of interest:
* The 2008 intake of 15 new National MP’s are 2:1 against the bill (2011 intake evenly split)
* 12 of the 18 National MP’s who seem to be voting inconsistently are Ministers: Brownlee, Carter, Collins, Key, McCully, Bennett P, Coleman, Foss, Tremain and Wilkinson. (Plus Goodhew and Williamson who are Ministers outside of Cabinet)
* Maori party leader Tariana Turia voted against Civil Unions and the Marriage Gender Clarification bill. United Future Leader Peter Dunne voted against civil unions, for the Marriage Gender Clarification bill, but then for gay marriage.

We hope that National MP’s have voted for the 1st Reading of this Bill simply to hear public submissions, but will then be persuaded to vote against the bill at the 2nd or 3rd Reading 🙂