Ritalin ain’t necessarily the answer

More research showing that ADHD can be more effectively dealt with by examining diet, sleep patterns (or lack of them), and discipline. Prof Kemp – Children’s Hospital in Sydney – said that removing artificial colours and preservatives from the diets of children with ADHD should be the first approach.

Special diet helps ADHD kids
Reuters 04/02/2011

Children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) should be fed a special diet to help their carers determine whether certain foods are making their condition worse, Dutch scientists said. In a study of 100 children with ADHD – one of the world’s most common child mental disorders – scientists from Radboud University and the ADHD Research Centre in the Netherlands found that a restricted diet led to significant improvements in the symptoms of some ADHD sufferers. “Dietary intervention should be considered in all children with ADHD, provided parents are willing to follow a diagnostic restricted elimination diet for a five-week period, and provided expert supervision is available,” the scientists said in their study in The Lancet medical journal.



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