Let’s hope this becomes a worldwide trend

Iceland’s bid to ban web porn
Mail Online 13 Feb 2013
Iceland could become the first Western  democracy to block all internet porn under radical new proposals. Fears about the damaging effects on children  have led the government to work on legal measures to try and stop the flood of  graphic sexual material reaching the island’s shores. Interior Minister Ögmundur Jónasson has set  up working parties to find the best ways to stem the tide of online images and  videos being accessed by young people through computers, games consoles and  smartphones. Methods under consideration include blocking  porn IP addresses and making it illegal to use Icelandic credit cards to access  x-rated sites. A law forbidding the printing and  distribution of porn has long been in place in the Nordic nation – but it has  yet to be updated to cover the  internet. Two years ago, the Icelandic Parliament – led  by female prime minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir  –  successfully  banned all strip clubs on the grounds that they violated the civil rights of the  women who worked there and were harmful to society. This argument – that porn violates the rights  of both women who appear in it and children who are exposed to it – is the  cornerstone of the new proposals under discussion.

Alarm over the harmful effects of internet  sex were raised in Iceland in 2010 when the Government launched a wide-ranging  consultation process on how rape cases are handles in the justice  system. The investigation was followed by a further  consultation on porn, which included teachers, law enforcers and organisations  working with abused children. It concluded that the extremely violent  nature of the material now freely available on the web was increasing the  intensity of sex attacks. It also found that children exposed to  violent pornography at an early age were showing the similar signs of trauma as  youngsters who had been actually abused. These included becoming increasingly isolated  and playing out what they had seen on the internet on younger family members or  other children.