Just so we’re absolutely clear….


Rt Hon HELEN CLARK (Prime Minister):

NZ Herald June 21 2004 “Marriage is only for heterosexuals. The Government is not — underline — not, changing the Marriage Act. That will remain as an option only for heterosexual couples.”

TIM BARNETT (Labour – now Secretary General of Labour):

First Reading Civil Unions Bill “The Civil Union Bill is an acceptable alternative; marriage can remain untouched.”



8 Jan 2013 The argument that marriage equality leads to polygamy is wrong. Suggestions that hordes of teenagers and men choosing to have more than one wife are going to jostle for marriage licenses are far-fetched and misleading.”

Former Dutch MP Admits Polygamy, Group Marriage Next

Media Release 15 March 2013

A former Dutch MP who was behind the first same-sex marriage legislation in the world, and brought to NZ by supporters of the same-sex marriage bill to make a submission to the Select Committee, has admitted that group marriages of three or more people is the next step. In a video interview with a French online gay magazine, Boris Dittrich, a former Dutch MP and gay activist now working for Human Rights Watch, said the redefinition of marriage has led to discussions of allowing group marriages of three or more persons. “But that’s the beginning of something completely new.” He acknowledged that this next step “will take a lot of years.” Netherlands was the first country in the world to allow same-sex marriage, in 2001. He said that in the countries where it has been created, legislators pushing for gay “marriage” started the process by promising that “civil partnerships” were as far as it would go, and that marriage would remain untouched – the exact same promises made in NZ in 2004. “We thought it might be psychologically better to first introduce registered partnerships,” and that once “people got used to the idea that two men or two women went to the municipality, had their relationship recognised by the law. And people called it a ‘gay marriage’…. So then the next step of marriage equality, and really being equal, was a logical step.” READ MORE