Parents ‘run ragged’ by children when back from grandparents

grandparentsMail Online 28 May 2013
A new study has revealed that parents are  being ‘run ragged’ by their offspring when they get back from a stay at their  grandparents because they have been so spoilt there.

The study found that youngsters get fed what  they want when they want, are allowed to watch whatever they want to on  television, and stay up later than their normal bedtime when they stay at their  grandparents’ house.

Parents are finding it a struggle to get  their children to behave again when they return home – so much so that one in  four is now refusing to let youngsters stay overnight with grandparents at  all.

A further quarter said that they avoid  letting their children stay while more than one in five admitted rowing with  their parents or in-laws because they spoil their children too much.

The study of 2,000 parents, carried out on  behalf of comedy film Parental Guidance, found 83 per cent say their children  are regularly spoilt by their grandparents with plenty of chocolate or cakes the  most common treat.

More than a third claim that their children  are allowed to stay up past their bedtime at their grandparents and get away  with not eating any of their lunch or dinner.

A spokesperson for family comedy film  Parental Guidance, which commissioned the study, said: ‘It’s widely accepted  that it’s a grandparents’ job to spoil their grandchildren.


  1. Give them chocolate or cake
  2. Let them stay up late
  3. Let them off if they don’t want to eat all  of their lunch or dinner
  4. Let them eat whatever they want
  5. Let them eat their lunch/dinner in front of  the TV
  6. Let them do whatever they want
  7. Don’t tell them off if they are  naughty
  8. Let them eat whenever they want
  9. Let them watch TV shows that I usually say  no to
  10. Put up with them talking  back