Why NZ’s child abuse rates remain high…

The government has thrown money at the problem of child abuse but it is now obvious that the parameters have been far too wide and there has been no accountability, resulting in wasted time and resources.

A $30 million programme for New Zealand’s most vulnerable families will be regeared to focus on families which need it most, especially where there is a risk of child abuse.

Good thinking Sherlock!

Family Start Manukau chief executive Colleen Fakalogotoa said the 32 local agencies would be grateful for the new advisers. “Providers have done the best they can with as much as they know, but there is a lot of other information out there that we haven’t been able to access.” She said the 13 criteria for selecting families for the programme were too wide and did not include the risk of child abuse. “You can come in with a baby under 12 months under any one of those criteria,” she said. “For example, a housing problem. It’s very hard to gear up a child abuse programme when all they want is a house.” Wilson Irons of the Anglican Trust for Women and Children, which runs the programme in central Auckland, agreed it needed “a more targeted approach”.

Of course it does! Shame on the government for pouring so much money into programmes which haven’t targeted the actual problem, and for not even checking if it does.

No wonder we have a child abuse problem in NZ. Family First’s motto from day one has been “target real child abuse, not real parents.”