Heck – he’s in Switzerland – the home of euthanasia!

EUTHANASIA heart checkDailyMail 29 July 2013
How Hawking’s illness forced his marriage  into a ‘black hole’ of despair: First wife says couple were ‘swept away by a wave of fame and fortune’
Stephen Hawking’s first wife has revealed how  the world-famous physicist’s illness forced them into their own ‘black hole’ of  despair.
Jane Wilde, who was married to the scientist  for 25 years, says the couple were ‘engulfed and then swept away by a wave of  fame and fortune’.

…Prof Hawking, 71, met Miss Wilde while studying at Cambridge when he was 21. Soon afterwards he was diagnosed  with  motor neurone disease – a condition which has left him  wheelchair-bound for  almost half a century and able to communicate only  through a voice synthesiser  operated by a muscle in his cheek.

Prof Hawking describes how he became  so  desperately ill with pneumonia while he wrote A Brief History of Time that  doctors offered his wife the chance to end his misery and turn off his  life-support machine. But Miss Wilde refused to do so and her  husband went on  to complete the bestselling book which has sold 10  million copies in 40  languages.

Prof Hawking describes the near-death  experience in 1985 as the ‘darkest’ time of his life and explains how it was  the treatment for this illness which left him unable to speak.