The real agenda of our tv networks exposed!

From the Sunday Star Times today

Television’s Two major rivals have put aside their differences for a court battle to get sex scenes past the Broadcasting Standards Authority. Their lawyer, Julian Miles QC, has gone as far as challenging the Broadcasting Standards Authority to reach rational decisions, not personal ones. Both TVNZ and TV3 say the authority has become increasingly conservative. They say recent rulings are at odds with decisions in the past, and have blamed that on changes to the make-up of the authority because the rulings have “obviously been influenced by the change of membership”. Although stopping short of saying the authority has been stacked with conservatives, they say it has been tougher on the “good taste and decency” standard since two new members, including the chairman, were appointed under National in late 2009. But not everyone is unhappy. Family First has acknowledged meeting with the authority and Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman last year, and spokesman Bob McCroskie said he applauded the new direction.

..McCroskie welcomed the authority’s new direction and said he hoped it would become “consistent”. “What the broadcasters are saying is that the authority should turn a blind eye and let them continue to push the envelope.”


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  1. Kevin Tinker
    26 March 2011 at 6:39 pm

    Just as we should ‘name and shame’ any of our elected or appointed leaders when they make a decision that is unjust or immoral, then……
    We should also ‘report and support’ leaders like Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman who is taking steps (however small) towards accountability and transparency in this corrupt bureaucratic system.
    I have sent the following message to Dr Coleman.

    “Congratulations Dr Coleman, on taking the first small steps to bring decency and better morals back on to our TV screens. No wonder the moral fabric of our society is falling apart with teenage pregnancies and abortions, young men resorting to violence and gang groups, and children blackmailing their parents whenever they are required to do some disciplining.
    You have my full support to take bigger steps.
    Much appreciated. “

  2. David Favel
    29 March 2011 at 2:04 pm

    Actually, were they not just asking for some consistancy?
    Previouly some scenes were held to be fit for broadcast, but with the arrival of a more conservative member those similar scenes were deemed to be inappropriate.
    In summary, the 2 networks applied the rules set in the past, and were punished because the “goalpost” had shifted.

  3. Gav
    29 March 2011 at 8:33 pm

    FF Congratulations on a job well done. It was well past time the two main broadcasters had a shake up. Now the target should be expanded on to include video games, DVD’s and all media content including cellphones. Yes its an uphill battle but the more pressure placed on these organisations the sooner some control is placed back in the hands of parents and not the companies vying for ratings.

  4. Leanne Seniloli
    30 March 2011 at 2:21 pm

    Thanks Bob for standing up for the family. I truely am sick of lunging for the remote everytime advertisements are playing in the middle of ‘family movies’. Thank you for using your life in the service of our most vunerable citizens.

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