Where do Cunliffe, Robertson and Jones stand on abortion?

abortion adBrendan Malone – The Leading Edge Blog
Several days ago I was contacted by someone with connections to the Labour Party who alerted me to the fact that the three MPs currently vying to become the next leader of the Labour Party had been questioned about whether they support a law change to introduce an extreme decriminalized abortion law in New Zealand.

Well, Young Labour has finally published the responses of the three MPs, and here they are (emphasis added):
Shane Jones:

“Abortion, for me will always be a matter for an MP’s conscience”

Grant Robertson:
“All women should have the right to control and determine their own reproductive health. That is an absolute non negotiable. In my mind, our current abortion laws fall outside this principle and need to be reformed.”

David Cunliffe:
“I want to see a woman’s right to choose protected. The current law hasn’t been reviewed for many years and I think that is now urgent. The Law Commission would be best placed to undertake this review as it is a conscience issue which splits across parties.”