Drug Foundation calls for decriminalisation of all drugs, regulated cannabis market

marijuana its addictiveStuff co.nz 5 July 2017
Family First Comment: Just to remove any uncertainty of where they stand and their ultimate agenda – cocaine, heroin, P, weed – yep, ALL of them. Shocking.
Criminal penalties for the possession, use and social supply of all drugs – not just cannabis – should be scrapped, the Drug Foundation has proposed.
It announced the policy on Wednesday at its Parliamentary symposium, also calling for a strictly regulated cannabis market and more resources for prevention, education and treatment.
Current laws were making criminals out of people when harmful drug use needed to be treated as a health issue, said policy author Kali Mercier.
Under the Drug Foundation’s policy, the commercial supply and trafficking of drugs would still be punished, but people who were caught with drugs for their own use would not face criminal penalties.
It was similar to the Portugal model, which the foundation said had produced early positive evidence of reduced drug use, fewer offenders in prison, fewer court cases and a reduction in HIV infections and overdoses.
Under the foundation’s model, if police found a person in possession of drugs, they would issue a “mandatory caution” and also give that person health information and legal advice.
READ MORE: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/94411364/Drug-Foundation-calls-for-decriminalisation-of-all-drugs-regulated-cannabis-market

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