E-cigarettes still carry risk of cancer and heart disease, say experts

NewsHub 30 January 2018
Smoke from e-cigarettes damages DNA, and can increase the risk of cancer and heart disease, scientists have warned.

The battery-driven devices, which deliver an instant nicotine “hit” without burning tobacco, have been widely promoted as a safer alternative to cigarettes.

But findings from a new study suggest they are far from harmless and could pose a serious health risk.

In laboratory tests, mice exposed to e-cigarette smoke had higher levels of DNA damage in the heart, lungs and bladder than those breathing normal filtered air.

DNA repair systems, which protect against cancer, were also impaired in the animals’ cells.

The US team, led by Dr Moon-shong Tang from New York University School of Medicine, warn “vapers” may be increasing their risk of life-threatening conditions.
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New study warns: Vaping causes cancer
NZ Herald 30 January 2018
Vaping causes DNA mutations which lead to cancer, a new study warns.

Researchers subjected cultured human bladder and lung cells to e-cigarette vapor which is designed to avoid the carcinogenic by products of tobacco.

They found the cells mutated and became cancerous at a much higher rate than expected, and mice exposed to the smoke also suffered significant DNA damage.

The New York University team warns their findings, published today, bring into question the popular belief that vaping nicotine is a safe alternative to smoking it in cigarettes.

It comes just days after the Food and Drug Administration rejected Philip Morris’s “healthy” iQOS electronic vaping product, saying it is not healthier than tobacco.

E-cigarette smoke (ECS) delivers nicotine through aerosols without burning tobacco.
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