FAMILY MATTERS: Woke NZ booksellers ‘cancelled’ an important book we reckon you should read

A recent Stuff news report said that a couple of activists had complained about the book “When Harry Became Sally – Responding to the Transgender Moment” by Ryan T Anderson, and some booksellers immediately kowtowed and rushed to ban the book. (Ryan Anderson has previously spoken at our Forum on the Family in 2015).

But the booksellers, and Stuff who promoted the story labelling the book “transphobic”, appear to have never read the book – and neither had the gender ‘expert’ that Stuff rushed to for comment!

Did the journalist actually go to the author for comment? Even after we provided an email address to the reporter concerned, did Ryan Anderson get a chance to defend his book? You probably already know the answer to that.

The real debate we need is whether hormones and surgery, puberty blockers and mastectomies are the best and proper treatment for gender dysphoria OR should it be counselling. Do we cut the body or heal the mind?

A small but powerful group want to end the debate. We shouldn’t let them.

WATCH our latest episode of Family Matters and the latest example of cancel culture in New Zealand.

It’s time to push back on cancel culture.

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