Is ‘Wokeism’ a cult that aims to destroy?

Wokeism – The Marxist Cult That Aims To Destroy?

Wokeism is everywhere, especially in the media, academia, politics, our education system, and Big Tech. Its become so pervasive and assertive that it seems cult-like. But where did ‘woke’ come from? Is it something new or simply a reworking of old ideologies?

The term wokewas first used among black Americans in the 1930s, with the phrase stay woke” meaning: “to have an awareness of the social and political issues affecting them”. This seems appropriate, reasonable, and justified. Most people today would be supportive of that movement, which opposed racism and advocated for justice in racially-segregated America.

But like many movements or causes which begin with virtuous motives, political hijacking occurs along the way.

Modern Wokeism – Something Very Different

Sadly, the modern woke movement now represents something much broader and something very dangerous – wokeism has now morphed into the modern day outworking of Marxist ideologies that attempt to destroy the foundational systems and beliefs of western society. In particular, Marxist ideology views religion to be oppressive and exploitative. Therefore, religion must be destroyed.

For those wanting to understand further the connection between wokeism and Marxism, its worth studying first the Marxist beliefs and teachings coming out of the Frankfurt School in 1930s Germany. The Frankfurt School of the 1930s comprised intellectuals, academics, and political renegades teaching Marxist critical theories’ based on the work of Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Georg Hegel and others.

The Frankfurt School is widely credited for birthing Critical Theory – a Marxist-inspired social theory oriented toward critiquing and changing society as a whole. The influence of Critical Theory can be recognised today in many aspects of society, government, academia and the media. It can be found underpinning critical race theory, critical cultural theory, and gender ideology.

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This background understanding of the Frankfurt School can help explain how modern wokeism has come to incorporate Critical Race Theory, and in turn the much broader spectrum of critical theories. Critical Race Theory is a belief system grounded in Critical Theory, so one can clearly see how the early 1930s woke movement soon became entangled with the philosophies of the 1930s Frankfurt School.

So now we have a modern woke movement, rooted in Marxism, expanding far beyond racial justice to encompass a broad set of beliefs and agendas, including critical race theory, gender ideology, open border agendas, employment quotas, universal basic income, and climate activism. Some activists even go as far as calling for the police to be defunded.

To be woke is to take up the charge in pushing these ideologies. And lets not forget, Marxism is revolutionary by nature – its intent being to challenge and bring down power structures.

Taking Hold Of Our Major Institutions

Modern wokeism has spread wildly through society by taking hold of our major institutions – first establishing a foothold in academia, before spreading through other institutions – primarily the media, government, education system (for schools), city councils, and large corporations (especially within corporate HR and marketing departments).

Wokeism is now being driven predominantly by rich white people on the far left of the political and moral spectrums – the liberal and political elite, academics, those in the media, Big Tech, and powerful corporate leaders.

On the surface, woke agendas appear to be for the betterment of society as a whole. However, underpinning wokeism is a flawed Marxist belief system, with plans to breakdown the foundations of society.

Wokeism will ultimately damage race and gender relations, rather than improve them.

Master Or Slave; Equal Or Equitable?

The woke belief system is one that categorises all people as being either the oppressor or the oppressed – master or slave. If you dont accept this, then you are labelled racist and/or sexist. Societys systems and institutions are also presumed, by the woke, to be inherently racist and sexist, and therefore must be deconstructed.

Another core tenet of wokeism is Equity of Outcomes. Equal opportunity is no longer enough in a woke society, nor is a level playing field” sufficient. Equity of outcomes must be attained, no matter what. To achieve this equity, meritocracy is replaced with an authoritarian system that attempts to force equity of outcomes.

Its somewhat ironic that authoritarian force is the only means by which these fair” and equitable outcomes can be achieved.

The Cult Of Woke

Woke beliefs form the doctrine of a new religion, taking on many characteristics of a cult – a system with extreme and polarising beliefs (one is either the oppressor, or the oppressed), programmes of indoctrination, and aggressive proselytising.

Cults are typically held together by a shared commitment to ideologies and belief systems. Cults also tend to flourish because of an absolute belief they have answers and solutions to the problems, which they themselves have defined and prioritised.

There is often a charismatic leader for cult devotees to follow and pledge allegiance. The cult of woke may not have one single leader. Instead it has many – the most obvious being ‘progressive’ political leaders, media personalities, and ‘celebrities’, all having great influence and regularly appearing across the mainstream media.

Family and faith are the roadblocks to this woke cult. However, the declining influence of Christianity in the West, and the breakdown of the traditional family, has left a void which wokeism is now leaping into. Humans long for purpose and togetherness. Unfortunately, many have now been fooled into finding purpose and togetherness in the form of woke activism.

How can one truly find togetherness in an ideology that aims to deconstruct our society?

Systems, Structures And Hierarchies

The world requires systems, structures and hierarchies to function. Always has, and always will. Such systems are foundational to any civilisation. You can see systems, structures and hierarchies functioning in the human world, but even more so in the animal kingdom – they are vital to survival.

Wokeism is almost a total rejection of societys foundations and everything that has come before. Thats because societys institutions and systems are presumed to be inherently racist and sexist. But heres the catch – for wokeism to work, it too needs systems, structures and hierarchies. Its just that wokeism replaces democracy, meritocracy and equality with authoritarian regimes, as authoritarianism is the only means by which equity of outcomes can be forced upon a society.

Through the lens of woke critical theory, everything is flawed and must therefore be deconstructed, redefined, then rebuilt according to Marxist principles. You see this unfolding with centralisation of power and control, greater and greater regulations, mandates, muzzling freedom of speech, all in the name of a fairer and more equitable society. Ultimately, to create a woke utopia, one much use authoritarian and tyrannical methods. Our current hierarchies are then replaced with something much much worse.

The Telltale Signs Of Wokeism

In summary, here is a list of core woke beliefs and principles”:

  • People and institutions are inherently racist and sexist.
  • One is either the oppressor or the oppressed.
  • All issues facing humans and society can be blamed on systemic problems within our institutions, systems and hierarchies.
  • Rejection of everything that came before. Everything must be deconstructed and redefined.
  • Replace equality and meritocracy with equity of outcomes.
  • ‘Progression’ to a woke utopian society by means of activism and revolution.

So, does wokeism pass the sniff test”?

Is it a decent humanitarian movement, or does it smell like a cult?

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