Offender-Friendly Justice System Ignores Voice Of Victims

courtMedia Release 27 September 2016
Family First NZ will be writing to the Solicitor General to ask them to appeal the weak and dangerous sentence handed to rugby player Losi Filipo.
“This is a pathetic sentence for a prolonged and multi-victim attack which has had long-term consequences for the victims. Yet the judge has given precedence to the rights of the offender and his future, while ignoring the rights of the victims to see justice and for the community to be protected,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.
“This offender-friendly sentence sends a dangerous message and sets a dangerous precedent. We simply don’t value the protection of victims and the safety of the public – based on the response of our justice system.”
“This case involved significant violence towards both males and females. To be discharged without conviction is insulting and pathetic, and communicates that punishments and consequences will be determined by who you are rather than what you did,” says Mr McCoskrie.
“As a community, we are trying to say that violence is completely unacceptable – yet the sentences given by the courts are completely undermining that message.”
“It is significant that the consequences for attacking a police officer or prison guard have been increased. It is time that the general public received the same increased level of protection,” says Mr McCoskrie.
“If offenders don’t want to live with the consequences of their actions and the effects on their professional careers, then they should behave. It’s quite simple.”

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