Shopping on Easter Sunday: 71 per cent of Hamilton submitters say no

easter 2017 keep the easter cultureStuff 25 June 2017
The prospect of retail tills ringing on Easter Sunday has Hamiltonians arguing the relative merits of convenience, commercialism, and Christianity.
Hamilton City Council’s suggestion was for retailers to choose whether to open while employees would be able to turn down the work.
But of 225 submitters, 71 per cent said no to the idea. Many mentioned the holiness of the day, worker rights and family time.
“I’m not convinced that one day of potential financial benefit will be as important as families and communities taking a break,” submitter Monique Rowe told councillors at a hearing on Thursday.
Kiwis currently have three-and-a-half days out of 365 that are free of shopping, submitter Stuart Bayes said.
He had been a retailer and employer for 45 years and was worried about what would happen to staffers who used their right to refuse Easter Sunday work.
“If you say, no, it doesn’t suit me … maybe that works against you.”
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