Solicitor-General ‘looking into’ Filipo discharge

family-first-nz-logoNZ Herald 27 September 2016
Family First Comment: The Solicitor General is considering our request to investigate and possibly appeal this pathetic sentence for extreme violence towards 2 women and 2 men. Good!
The Solicitor-General is “looking into” a judge’s decision to issue a young rugby player a discharge without conviction for assaulting four people.
Losi Filipo, 18, was last month discharged without conviction for the attack that occurred in central Wellington in October 2015.
He was charged with assaulting Kelsey Odell, 22, her boyfriend Hayden Williams, 22, Greg Morgan, 21, and Olivia Samuels, 22.
Filipo’s brother was also faced one charge of assault with intent to injure relating to one of the victims and was convicted, fined and sentenced to supervision. He had prior convictions.
The sentence has caused an outcry from Filipo’s victims and other members of the public, who say Filipo should be convicted.
Judge Bruce Davidson took Filipo’s promising rugby career into account when making his decision at the Wellington District Court, sparking allegations of a “double standard”.
A spokeswoman for the Solicitor-General said Crown Law was “looking into the matter”.
“We weren’t aware of this matter until it appeared in the media over the last 24 hours. We are now looking into the matter and will not be making any further comment about it at this time. ”
Family First NZ is amongst those calling for an appeal.


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