Month: October 2017 Website Will Oppose Legalisation

marijuana say nope to dope webpage

Media Release 24 October 2017 Family First NZ says that their website will inform families about the attempts to legalise marijuana, and to help them speak up in the public debate. “The Green party have done us all a…


Link between Adolescent Pot Smoking and Psychosis Strengthens


Scientific American 20 October 2017 Family First Comment: Why would we want to legalise and normalise such a harmful substance? “…People who had consumed cannabis before age 18 developed schizophrenia approximately 10 years earlier than others. The higher the frequency…


New Zealand Christian group in smacking ban warning

scottish flag

The Scotsman 22 October 2017 Family First Comment: Well, it’s our duty to warn them! Campaigners in New Zealand who organised to fight a ban on smacking introduced a decade ago claim it has had a “chilling” effect on…


Sperm donor shortage leaves women waiting two years

sperm donor

NZ Herald 22 October 2017 Family First Comment: Fortunately, men seem to be understanding the long-term ramifications of this process – both for themselves and for the child who will want to know their biological father one day. But this…


Move to reform cannabis laws meets supporters, opponents

marijuana crop

Radio NZ News 21 October 2017 Family First Comment: We said “”It just seems highly ironic that we’re starting to finally realise the harms of tobacco and trying to do everything we can to discourage it, and here are believing…


E-cigarettes may harm your lungs the same way tobacco does, study says


Daily Mail 21 October 2017 Family First Comment: Yet our Ministry of Health is pushing vaping as the best alternative to tobacco?? E-cigarettes lead to as many lung diseases as tobacco products, a new study has found. The report…


CYF review of Isaiah Neil’s death finds social workers took ‘shortcut’ to meet KPI deadline

CYF logo

NZ Herald 21 October 2017 INVESTIGATION: CYF review shows social workers took shortcut to meet timeframe, then let case “languish” for months. Social workers took “shortcuts” to meet deadlines when warned about a dysfunctional family of a baby who later…


New Labour-led Government should protect women and their unborn children

Man Holding Unborn Child

Media Release -Voice for Life 20 October 2017 Family First Comment: “When people talk of ‘decriminalisation’, they usually mean liberalising the practice of abortion. Overseas, ‘decriminalisation’ has seen abortions performed under unsafe and unsanitary conditions, increased abortions of babies with…


Greens promised referendum on personal cannabis use – Ardern wants national discussion

Get High Sign

Stuff 20 October 2017 Family First Comment: “Conservative lobby group Family First was already preparing to rail against the prospect of a referendum. National director Bob McCoskrie said it would be running a “nope to dope” campaign.” Incoming Prime…