Family Group Endorses Porn-Blocker For Families

safesurfer-logoMedia Release 23 Nov 2016
Family First NZ is endorsing a new social enterprise called SAFESURFER which blocks pornographic websites and material online, and say it’s an effective way to protect children from stumbling across, or deliberately accessing, internet pornography in the family home.

SAFESurfer has been developed by two IT experts who both have young families and have established the service under a charitable trust. Once set up on a family’s internet router, SAFESURFER blocks harmful websites using tools such as Google SafeSearch and YouTube restrictions. Any computer or device connected to the family Wi-Fi or broadband is then unable to access inappropriate websites or videos. It’s easy to use as there’s no need to install or update software. Safe Surfer also provides additional protection against phishing, malware websites and internet attacks as well.

“I think we’re all concerned about pornography coming into our homes via the internet and through the various computers, smartphones and tablets. This applies to both intentional and unintentional access to porn sites and material. I really wanted an easy-to-use product where I knew our whole family, our kids and me included, were protected from pornography coming into the house via the internet,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Pornography has a damaging effect on intimacy, love, and respect and at its worst, leads to sex role stereotyping, viewing persons as sexual objects, and family breakdown. Research has also shown that children who are exposed to pornography develop skewed ideas about sex and sexuality, which lead to negative stereotypes of women, sexual activity at a young age, and increased aggression in boys.”

safe-surfer-webpageCo-founder Rory Birkbeck explains; “Kids as young as six can be accidentally exposed to a horrendous amount of pornography. We wanted to develop something that let families put common sense measures in place.”

Family First has now officially endorsed SAFESURFER and will actively promote it to our thousands of supporters nationwide and overseas. Family First often highlights and talks about social concerns and problems but this is an easy practical solution for families concerned about the sexualisation of society and the proliferation of porn on the internet.

“I’d encourage everyone to go to, get the programme installed, and have the reassurance and confidence that your home and your kids are protected from pornography,” says Mr McCoskrie.