China shuts porn apps down

china-flagNewsHub 24 January 2017
Family First Comment: More interesting developments from around the world in the fight against the harms of pornography

China’s internet supervisors have taken down more than 5500 illegal apps for disseminating pornographic and violent content among other things, the official Xinhua news agency says.

Pornography has been illegal in China since 1949.

The move is the latest step taken by Beijing to clean up its cyberspace, having launched a crackdown on virtual private network services that allow users to bypass censorship on Monday.

More than 1600 mobile video apps circulating pornographic and violent content were taken offline, said the cyberspace administration in China’s southern province of Guangdong on Monday.

More than 1200 social apps had pornographic content, while others hacked users’ private information, infringed upon other rights or charged malicious fees.

The administration said illegal apps had been available on app stores operated by Tencent, China Mobile and other smartphone producers like Huawei, ZTE, Coolpad, Meizu, OPPO and VIVO.

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