International best-selling porn proofing book now available in NZ!

boyMedia Release Focus on the Family New Zealand 23 February 2017
Family First Comment: An excellent resource for every family.

The international best-selling book Good Pictures Bad Pictures is now available in New Zealand exclusively from Focus on the Family NZ.

After experiencing great success with Good Pictures Bad Pictures in their own families, the team at Focus on the Family NZ contacted the US authors and acquired the rights to publish a special New Zealand edition of the book especially for Kiwi parents.

“What makes this book such a powerful educational tool is that it provides parents with an easy and proactive way to engage with their kids about pornography, and well before most children have even had their first exposure to porn” says Focus on the Family NZ Director Wayne Mulqueen.

“There’s a reason why this is already a best-seller overseas – it really does work. We’ve used it with our kids and it’s been amazing to see how its empowered them with important insights and a practical strategy for what to do if they encounter online pornography.”good pictures bad pictures book

“So many of the current strategies for protecting our kids from the risks of Internet porn are reactive and focused on policing the problem, but Good Pictures Bad Pictures is different, it offers a proactive and empowering strategy for families and children” says Wayne Mulqueen.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures is an illustrated book that parents read with their children. It is written for 5 to 10 year olds, and it  explains the workings of the brain, how addictions can develop, and, most importantly of all, it gives children a strategy – which includes practical steps to take – if they are confronted with pornography.

Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Dr. Donald L. Hilton, calls Good Pictures Bad Pictures ”a remarkable and timely tool to teach the neuroscience of avoiding pornography addiction in a way that kids can easily understand,” and parents are calling it “an amazing work” and “a great way to talk to children about pornography without the awkward, uncomfortable feeling.”

Good Pictures Bad Pictures focuses on topics like respect for others and the workings of the brain, which makes it a widely accessible tool suitable for all Kiwi families” says Wayne Mulqueen.

“One of the unexpected but welcome outcomes we’ve experienced from Good Pictures Bad Pictures is that our kids now have a greater understanding of self-control in other areas of their daily life thanks to what it has taught them about how the brain shapes their behaviour and decision-making processes.”

“This book really is a powerful game changer for parents who want to take a proactive approach to combating the risks of Internet pornography in the family home” says Wayne Mulqueen.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures is available in New Zealand exclusively at: