4-year-old begins gender transition in Australia

gender - 4 year oldNewsHub 1 September 2016
Family First Comment: Very sad. State-sponsored child abuse.

A four-year-old in New South Wales has begun the process of changing gender, with the help of the state government.

It comes amid a rapid increase in the number of Australian children considering gender changes.

The child will start making the transition before the first day of kindergarten next year and the NSW Education Department is supporting the family, the school and the child through the process.

But it won’t reveal whether the child was born a girl or a boy.

The case has proven to be a polarising issue, with advocates saying usually children around that age are right about the gender they identify with, but others are questioning whether the state should be involved in supporting the process at all.

The number of children changing gender in Australia has skyrocketed.

At a hospital in Melbourne 10 years ago there was only one case of gender dysphoria – now there are 250, while at a Sydney hospital those numbers have tripled.

As the numbers continue to rise, it’s likely the debate will go on and on.

Safe Schools: ‘rainbow ideology’ fuels sex switches
The Australian 1 September 2016
Critics of the polarising Safe Schools program have stepped up demands for it to be axed after revelations several NSW ¬students including a four-year-old preschool child have been receiving support with gender transitioning.
Australian Christian Lobby spokeswoman Wendy Francis claimed a reported spike in cases of gender dysphoria, where someone’s biological sex doesn’t align with their gender identity, had followed the rollout of Safe Schools. “Safe Schools didn’t come in to address the problem, this is happening after the Safe Schools program has been introduced,’’ she said. “The thought that four-year-olds would be seeking to change their gender is madness. We are sacrificing our children to a rainbow ideology.’’
NSW Education Department deputy secretary of school operations Greg Prior revealed in parliamentary estimates this week a number of students were “going through gender transition in our schools, with the youngest being a four-year-old’’. He said Safe Schools was only one resource used to support students, families and schools.
The four-year-old will go to kindergarten next year and has identified as transgender. The school initially registered on the Safe Schools anti-bullying site to access materials to help teachers prepare to assist the child.


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