47% increase in family violence – and police say it’s good

confused kidIn an incredible display of misrepresenting the true effect of crime, we read this report from the Bay of Plenty Times which highlights that family violence increased 47% in one year (comparing the same months). That is shocking!

But both the Bay of Plenty Times and the police argue it’s a good thing, misrepresenting the issue with the title “More reporting of family violence” rather than “Family Violence explodes in the Bay” or “Increase in family violence worries police.”

family violence bay of plenty times feb 2015

Yes it is right to mention that there is zero tolerance to family violence and we want ALL family violence reported rather than swept under the carpet. But that message has been pushed since 2009.

Imagine if we used this approach with murders.

More people are reporting murders to Western Bay police – a trend the district’s area commander says he is keen to encourage.

Why are the police – and the media – trying to present a positive angle to this.

It’s a national disgrace. It’s a disgrace to the Bay of Plenty, and the local media should be calling it as such.

And why do the police try to sell the stats??

So if the reports of family violence do down, will the police say its discouraging and that it’s because less people are reporting it?? Or will they do what we expect – and say it’s a good thing and all credit to the police. (as they did just 5 months ago!)

You can’t have it both ways.

Ultimately we have a increasing problem with family violence. And the anti-smacking law did absolutely nothing to change that because it failed to address the real issues.

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