Censor pushes for govt to consider more regulation of online porn

pornographyStuff co.nz 22 January 2016
The deputy chief censor wants the Government to put more options on the table for regulating online pornography.

In an article for the censor’s website, deputy chief censor Jarred Mullen detailed the harm that increasingly extreme pornography that can cause, and outlined some possible steps towards regulating it.

These steps could include an ISP level ban, where pornography viewers have to “opt in” to viewing pornographic content, similar to that of the United Kingdom’s.

The call comes as the pornography world is still reeling after high profile male star James Deen was accused of raping several female costars.

“Given New Zealand’s acknowledged problems with sexual and family violence and the demonstrated harm caused by pornography that degrades, dehumanises and demeans people (particularly women), the choice for Government and regulators, must be about how far we are willing to intervene — rather than whether we are prepared to intervene at all,” he wrote.

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