School Congratulated For Setting Standard For Ball

school ballMedia Release 25 May 2016
Family First NZ is congratulating an Auckland school that has set a dress code for its upcoming school ball, and says that it has every right to expect high standards from its pupils.

“St Dominic’s College in Henderson is to be congratulated for setting high standards and encouraging modesty at a formal school function. Many families will have chosen the school for its standards and expectations and values, and this ball requirement forms part of that school culture,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“It is completely appropriate and within their rights for the school to set rules around dress code and impose other rules for any official functions of the school. Schools are always setting certain rules and expectations in order to maintain the standards of the school. This is part of being in a school community.”

“Parents simply need to know what the rules are and whether they will be enforced in a fair way. The Board of Trustees which is a representative group of parents also help determine that standard,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“In the case of the school ball, if students don’t like the standard, they don’t need to attend.”

“Dressing modestly is a good thing and it is completely appropriate for schools to be promoting this expectation at a function for teenagers. It comes in complete contrast to a school which handed out complementary condoms to ball participants.”

“We believe the majority of parents will be glad to have the high expectations and guidelines for their teenagers.”