Overwhelming Rejection Of Abortion Bill – Analysis

Media Release 4 November 2019
More than 90% of the submissions on the Abortion Legislation Bill have rejected the proposed decriminalisation of abortion, with just under 8% supporting the Government bill.

The in-depth analysis of a random sample of 1,000 submissions by an independent researcher found that 90.6% of submissions were opposed. This means that over 18,000 submissions in total rejected the abortion bill, compared to less than 2,000 in support. Almost 2/3rds of all individual submitters were women. Medical doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who submitted as individuals were also about 90% opposed.

Less than 7% of submissions made any reference to religious arguments. This is not to say that only 7% of submitters held religious views, but it does mean that the arguments made against liberalising abortion were by and large not religiously based.

“It is patently obvious that most New Zealanders don’t buy the ‘health issue’ mantra, and the subsequent ignoring of any rights of the unborn child being pushed by politicians through this bill. Independent polling released at the beginning of this year actually found strong support for the unborn child having human rights and being legally protected once a heartbeat is detected – which can be between 6–12 weeks – and only a small minority thinking that life doesn’t begin until the child is born. Women are far more likely than men to say that life begins at conception,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“And polling at the beginning of last year found that only 4% of New Zealanders want more liberal time limits for abortion. The vast majority of New Zealanders also showed strong support for a restrictive legal framework for accessing abortions. This is in stark contrast to calls by groups like Family Planning, ALRANZ and the National Council of Women who are promoting the Law Commission’s Model A which allows abortion for any reason up to birth.”

“New Zealanders love both women and their unborn children. And we want the law to reflect that love.”

All the submissions were downloaded from the submissions and advice section of the New Zealand Parliamentary website. Submitters clearly in support of or against the Abortion Legislation Bill were recorded directly as ‘support’ or ‘oppose’ respectively. If a submitter made comments about aspects of the Bill without stating their own overall position, they were recorded as ‘neutral/unclear’, as were submitters who were unclear about their overall position.

The independent analysis of the sample, carried out by an Emeritus Professor, has a margin of error of +/- 1.8%.


2 comments for “Overwhelming Rejection Of Abortion Bill – Analysis

  1. Rodd Jacques
    4 November 2019 at 11:06 am

    This is the stark truth!

    I am male – and absolutely accept that life begins at Conception when God the Giver of Life Installs the ‘Spirit of Life!’ Into the infant biological chassis of what will in a very short time, be a fully independently mobile thinking person, of either male or female gender, and more than that, ‘Carries The Image of It’s Creator !’

    It is as Human as I am today, since at one point I too was ‘A little Biological Organism In My Mothers Womb’ growing independantly of her biologically, while growing and waiting to be born ‘At The Right Time!’

    The growth of this nation very early on was securely based on Belief in The Living Person Of Jesus Christ and His Claims to be God the Ruler of All which, He Formally Proved by Exiting His Cave Tomb After 3 Days following His Tortuous Crucification, and all the other miracles that he did.

    He Said Children are a Gift From Him, they are not Made by Our Choice but He has blessed us to be Allowed to be involved in the Reproduction of All Human Life!

    Therefore, abortion in essence is ‘The Intentional Death of a Human Being!’

    There is no other definition for it, and at its core A Himan Being Is Responsible for Doing The Killing.

    For medical personnel acting to save the life of a mother who would othereise die, is to me a Valid, Clear & Legitimate Reason to do what would itgereise be unthinkable and is Right!

    Simply because misscarriages also ‘Naturally’ terminate the life of what is an Non-Viable Human Body! That isn’t any one persons choice, rather it is the Supetnatural Creator acting in our environment for our overall protection and benefit.

    Our Nation doesn’t stand on the feet of Humanisim which treats Human Life as an Economic Unit, which if faulty can be and ‘Should Be Terminated to Save Money!!!’

    This premise along with Targeted Pure Breed breeding is at the Bottom of Abortion and Euthenasia! Both heartless and Godless Idolatories of Depraived Humans who have sold themselves to The Forces of Darkness which are Driving this Debate.

    We as Moral Beings must see this as it is, stand Against it, otherwise every drop of blood shed in the last 2 world wars has been sed meaninglessly!

    Truth is cast aside as valueless and we as a nation are well on our way to a society and culture of oppression and tyranny.

    Thank you.

  2. John Mason
    4 November 2019 at 11:51 am

    Heartened that we do have values for the unborn! I want our nation BACK! Tragically we are finding deceitfulness is being pushed by backrooms with socialistic agendas.

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