NZ “scientists” (psychologists, gynecologists, outdoor educators, gamers) who signed the climate emergency letter

Scientists from around the world joined forces to declare a global climate emergency. In total, 11,000 scientists joined forces in making the declaration, of which there were about 150 NZ-based “scientists” who signed the letter. 

Many of them are legitimate – but here’s some interesting ones…

Williams, Paris – Psychologist (Ph.D. degree, all of them in psychology with an emphasis on somatic, humanistic, existential, and transpersonal perspectives.)
Boyes, Mike Associate Professor – Outdoor Education – University of Otago
Feather, Jackie – Doctor of Clinical Psychology/Senior Lecturer – Auckland University of Technology (listed twice)
Harbour, Lindsey – Obstetrician Gynecologist – Auckland City Hospital
Atkinson, Quentin – Professor of Psychology – University of Auckland
Shaw, Alex – The University of Auckland (virtual and augmented reality, computer graphics education, game technology, and procedural graphics.)
Thomborson, Barbara – lecturer in Academic communication (Green party volunteer / interviewer at Citizen’s Advice Bureau)
Tsai, Yi-Chien Vita – Professional Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Science The University of Auckland (ME in Engineering Science – Telecommunication)
Knott, Alistair  Associate Professor, Computer Science – University of Otago (language and the human brain)
Boud, James – Software Engineer/Computing and Mathematical Sciences – Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited
Barbezat, Gil – Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Gastroenterologist – University of Otago
Bittner, Adele – student – massey university
Connor, Rebecca – Applied Animal Behaviour – Unitec Institute of Technology
Flood, Keegan – Mathematics – University of Auckland
Guilford, Parry – Research Professor, Cancer Genetics – University of Otago
Hennig, Joerg – Senior Lecturer – University of Otago  (Department of Maths / Statistics)
Liesaputra, Veronica – Lecturer in Computer Science – University of Otago
Moinet, Marie – epidemiologist – Massey University (Vet)
Murrell, Paul – Associate Professor – The University of Auckland (Department of Statistics)
Ottley, Katrin – Health science – University of Otago New Zealand
Vatanen, Tommi – Research Fellow – University of Auckland (During his PhD, he investigated the developing early gut microbiota in relation to autoimmune disorders including type 1 diabetes and inflammatory bowel diseases.)



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