A disturbing submission from “Praxis”

During submissions on the conversion therapy issue, a group specifically called for the losing of funding and charitable status for groups where there might be ‘conversion therapy’.

In other words, if this law was passed, the state should deregister and defund faith-based Christian or Muslim or other organisations or churches that help people to live the lifestyle they choose – if that lifestyle is heterosexual and/or based on their biological sex. And if children being encouraged to embrace their biological sex.

Plus compulsory LGBT training.

But this call was not from an LGBT group. It was from a ‘christian’ group – Praxis ☹

Of course the proposal was received with welcome arms from the chair of the select committee at the end – and nods of approval from the activists on the committee (3 of them).

All New Zealanders should be protected from coercive, abusive or involuntary psychological or spiritual practices. However, participation in psychological assessments, counselling sessions, prayer meetings and other therapeutic practices is almost always an expression of voluntary behaviour and personal freedom. 

Under this proposed ban, people could be prevented from getting help to live the lifestyle they choose. And children could not be encouraged to embrace their biological sex.

While gender and sexuality is supposedly ‘fluid’, activists such as Praxis want the law to stipulate that it can only go in the direction they approve.

If you weren’t sure where this is all heading, and what the ultimate goal is, hopefully you do now.

It’s why Family First has been in court for the past 8 years at significant cost.

Labour and Green MPs on the ‘conversion therapy’ select committee are desperately trying to persuade submitters that they don’t understand the bill and that the concerns about the bill are unjustified. But the concerns being expressed by the submitters are completely justified!

How do we know this? Because all the legal advice is contradicting the claims by the MPs.



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