Be wary of “The Disinformation Project”

The media regularly report “The Disinformation Project” – and today is no exception. Both groups really love the term “disinformation” and “misinformation” at the moment.

Here’s why you should be very wary of anything that comes from “The Disinformation Project”. They say:

“The most recent Covid-19 outbreak and the vaccine are highly visible, potent symbols used to push various far-right and conservative ideologies around issues such as… ‘free speech’; faith (Christian evangelical or Pentecostal); abortion; euthanasia; cannabis law reform; families and family structure; LGBTQIA+ rights, including conversion therapy; immigration; race; and gender.”

Wow! What a shocking list of despicables eh.

Apparently advocating these pro-family pro-life & moral issues is all about “disinformation”. Opposing the government’s agenda is “misinformation”.

Or maybe they just disagree with a morally conservative worldview.


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