Couple celebrate 82-year wedding anniversary and reveal how they made it last (US)

marriage elderlyStuff 20 January 2016
An American couple have reached a milestone few others have achieved by celebrating their 82nd wedding anniversary.
Nicholas and Rafaela Ordaz of Tracy, California, had a double party last weekend to mark their vows and Nicholas turning 102 on Friday.
Even their grandchildren have grandchildren; their great-great-grandchildren were present.
The pair said “I do” in 1934 – the same year the Great Depression slowly started to turn around with unemployment decreasing and Adolf Hitler declared himself to be “Fuhrer”.
The couple said the secret to their eight-decade long union was “respect, affection and not sweating the small stuff”, ABC6 reported.
The pair have been married so long there is not even a traditional gift to give, but they are on their way to having the longest marriage ever recorded.

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