Cringey grubby expletive rap vax video – mocked overseas

According to media reports, Dr Joel Rindelaub, a research fellow who studies aerosol chemistry, is the star and producer of a hip-hop music video – Vax the Nation – which he performs decked out in 90s garb, a white coat and mirrored sunglasses. He performs alongside local rapper Randa and some medical professionals and politicians.

But rather than being a positive contribution to the vaccination campaign, it’s more of a cringe-fest with foul language and grubby undertones.

We’ve produced a clean version which is more family-friendly

It’s so weak that it’s even gained attention overseas – not in a positive way. None other than Ben Shapiro!

But here’s the interesting thing. You’ll have seen the obsession with ‘sexual performance’.

Here’s an interesting commentary on the issue:

Although there is still much to learn, early studies have shown that approximately 30% of COVID-19 patients will continue to experience symptoms after they have recovered. Symptoms for this condition – referred to as “long-COVID” – include symptoms of the disease itself: fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, joint pain, chest pain, and more. And researchers at University of Utah Health and around the world are continuing to investigate other ways that COVID-19 can impact patients long-term – namely, erectile dysfunction in men.

Urologic surgeon Dr. Jim Hotaling, M.D., M.S., FECSM is helping educate patients and the community on whether there is a correlation between COVID and erectile dysfunction. Hotaling – a leading expert in male infertility in the Intermountain West – is the Director of the Men’s Health Clinic at University of Utah Health. “Generally speaking, when men recover from COVID-19 their sperm counts and hormone levels all seem to be normal,” said Hotaling. “The only caveat here is that any illness that carries a fever impacts sperm count for 60 to 70 days.”

Although some online articles assert that COVID-19 does in fact cause erectile dysfunction, Hotaling offers a word of caution and advice when considering the data. “There are some studies being done with very small sample sizes,” said Hotaling. “So, while these may show a correlation between COVID-19 and erectile dysfunction, it’s important to look at all variables before coming to a conclusion.”

So what studies might our aerosol expert and rapper be relying on?

A small, self-reported April 2020 survey of 25 sexually active Italian men who had COVID (v 75 who didn’t) suggests a link between ED and COVID-19 infection. 25 men.

In another study, researchers found viral particles in penis biopsies, taken from two men who previously had COVID-19. Yes – TWO men.

The other study is of 6 men – yes, SIX – from Florida who died from COVID in the middle of 2020.

So rather than focus on and highlight the very real threat of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to the lungs, heart, kidneys, & liver, this c-rap video decided to focus in a grubby way on sexual performance.

Interestingly, there IS significant research showing that cannabis affects sexual performance. We didn’t see any of that commentary or a rap video on that issue, did we.


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