Different name, same agenda

UPDATE: Sunday afternoon 2.30pm

We have a new Prime Minister, but if you thought that the radical social agenda would pause, or “reset Labour to the right” as some commentators have laughingly tried to claim, you just need to see Chris Hipkin’s voting record to see how misleading that narrative is. As you can see from the chart below, the voting records of Ardern and Hipkins on key social issues around gay marriage, euthanasia, abortion, gender ideology, ‘conversion therapy’ bans, drugs, and others are identical.

In fact, one of our greatest concerns with the new Prime Minister is that he is currently the Minister of Education where flawed and harmful ideology is being rammed into schools – such as critical theory, gender ideology policies and an explicit sexuality curriculum.

We also reiterate: if a political candidate will not recognise the fundamental right to life of an unborn human being, why would we trust them with many other important issues they will have to make decisions on? The right to live is a foundational issue. Every other issue – housing, poverty, cost of living, mental health, education, care of the elderly & vulnerable etc – relies on living. We must elect leaders willing to protect life. That’s real “kindness”.


Hipkins/Sepuloni v Luxon/Willis

Our concerns are not targeted at the policies and voting record of just one political party. In fact, we have consistently critiqued ALL parties since 2007 on their social policies as they affect families. You can see our Resource that we published at the last election here – ValueYourVote.nz

But how does the voting record of the leader and deputy leaders of the two major parties compare? We compare Chris Hipkins and his new deputy Carmel Sepuloni with National leader Chris Luxon and deputy Nicola Willis. Once again, there’s not a huge amount of difference, especially on the recent examples of social engineering such as gender ideology & birth certificates, ‘conversion therapy’ bans, and abortion ‘safe zones’, as well as Luxon’s comments on the current radical abortion law.

Despite the resignation of one Prime Minister, and the appointment of a new one, the urgency of our work hasn’t changed one bit.

Our platform is for TRUTH and LIFE –  not a particular party. ‘Sitting on the fence’ in the culture is no longer an option. 

That’s why we’re so grateful for your support.

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