Disability rights group concerned over voluntary euthanasia

disabled adultStuff co.nz 3 March 2015
Disabled people could be coerced to commit suicide if a voluntary euthanasia bill is passed, a disability rights group says.

Not Dead Yet convenor Wendi Wicks said there could never be adequate protections for disabled people under voluntary euthanasia legislation.

“There are endless ways of telling disabled people time and time again that their life has no value.”

Not Dead Yet’s launch coincides with a speaking tour by world expert on medically assisted suicide, Rob Jonquiere.

The Dutch doctor is half-way through his two-week tour and said he agreed to help End of Life New Zealand raise the issue by talking about medically-assisted euthanasia legislation in his country.

During the tour Jonquiere will deliver 14 public lectures around the country and speak to health professionals.

In the Netherlands patients can ask their doctor to assist them in ending their lives if they are experiencing “intolerable and hopeless suffering”, Jonquiere said.

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